14 Year Old Mare with Back Pain

My 14 year old mare has had on-off back pain which has led to her periodically refusing to be tacked up and ridden. Although she has never appeared to be lame, she has displayed physical signs of pain along her back.

In an attempt to ease her distress, we have had appointments with a physiotherapist, a McTimmoney practitioner and a Chiropractor, who have all provided some short term relief and helpful advice but the problem has always returned. I have also had numerous appointments with a saddle fitter, and bought a new saddle, had the vet out to visit her and used a thermal imaging camera to attempt to find the cause of my mares pain and provide a suitable treatment. Nothing has helped!

My sessions with Sue have ended our two year struggle with this undiagnosed back problem. I admit I was a little reluctant at first to try another, different therapist. But, following yet another prolonged period of rest for my mare, and, at the recommendation of my friend, I arranged an appointment. Sue really seemed to understand my mare’s behaviour and acknowledged that she was still in pain. Using a combination of healing and massage skills, along with aromatherapy oils, Sue was able to find places of pain or blockages and also to ease her emotional distress.

Sue was able to manage my mares defensive behaviour using sensitive natural horsemanship techniques while she carried out the treatment. We have now had a number of sessions and during this time my mare had been more settled in her mood and I have been able to ride her consistently over the past 12 weeks. We will continue to have regular appointments with Sue to further aid my mare’s recovery and try to ensure that she remains in good health and hopefully pain free!

I have no hesitation in recommending Sue to anyone whose horse is in pain and in need of an alternative, natural yet effective treatment.

Kind Regards,