Clumber Springer Spaniel & Donkeys!

Alfie, my brother in-laws Clumber / Springer Spaniel cross was very ill and the vets were at a loss; he could not walk properly and was whimpering and crying out when moving. Originally, they thought it was meningitis or something he had picked up in the river and he was given antibiotics to little affect. Then it turned out that he may have been hit with a stick on the back of his neck when out with the son of the family. The vets then treated him with strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories and wanted to operate. This seemed somewhat extreme given that they still did not seem sure on what the exact issue was and my brother in-law said he would wait and see how he did.

Alfie made some improvement but was still in intermittent pain and was a worried miserable dog. I suggested a treatment from Sue and he readily agreed. Alfie really relaxed and settled down during and after the treatment, he also had what I would describe as an air of well being about him. Over the next few weeks Alfie improved in leaps and bounds and is now back up to 6-mile runs and the fear and worry and pain is something in the past.

My Donkeys, Rosie, and Dom, sometimes get stiff in their backs and joints from the rough way they play together. A treatment from Sue soon puts them to rights. They love the treatment with one waiting impatiently nudging Sue gently almost saying hurry up, my turn now……….