Mare In Pain & Troubled Gelding

My mare Shanthi is now 22 years old; she has a condition called Sweeny Shoulder from an injury that happened some time ago which lead to months of rehabilitation, and although she has made a recovery it’s not and never will be 100%. I feel that this injury affected her not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. Within the herd Shanthi had always been the leader and then gradually she seemed to spend more and more time on her own. This concerned me greatly so I called Sue to see if there was any way we could help her. Sue made several visits, each one involved holistic body work and energy healing. Through these sessions Shanthi communicated with Sue giving me the answers to my concerns and what her needs were. Although Shanthi’s shoulder can never be 100% I did see a difference in her movement which made her more comfortable and clearly her pain had gone, but the biggest change for me was that Shanthi was back in the herd, at the top and feeling good about herself. It really upset me to see her out of the herd it was as if she had given up, but not anymore my beautiful mare is right where she should be once again.

My 13 year old gelding has been with me for the past 8 years. This horse had major issues; he was a stallion when I bought him, a horse with a troubled mind. He had been tormented in his stable for most of his life, he wasn’t allowed to interact with other horses, he had no real connection outside of his stable, which was in fact a prison, he was caged in like a wild animal. After years of hard work and energy that I have personally put into this horse using natural horsemanship and unconditional love, we have after a traumatic few years a wonderful partnership, he is very special to me, but I have always known that there is something else that he needed help with, emotionally and maybe mentally just something that he couldn’t move on from. Sue came along and made several visits working slowly with him as he clearly was still carrying the past. Without Sue knowing much about his past he was able to communicate so I could confirm what had happened, but most of all these sessions allowed me and this amazing horse to unblock the last fragments of his terrible past and the change has been remarkable. I thought I couldn’t love this horse any more than I already did, but it’s stronger than ever and I can honestly say that the bond has developed so much so he shows affection like never before, I feel the past has been released and he is a less tense and happier horse.

To watch Sue perform her Holistic Body work and Hands on Healing is fascinating and needs to be seen to fully appreciate the amazing affect it can have on your horse/pony. Sue explains at all times what she is doing and what the behaviour of the pony is during the process indicates. I would not hesitate to recommend Sue to anyone who is either having problems with their horse/pony or who just wants to improve on the relationship they have with their equine companion.

Sue has a calm, unhurried approach and has always been professional and encouraging; it is obvious that she really cares about all the equines she has contact with.